Wednesday, July 8, 2015

what I'm loving Wednesday

Get the details for this challenge here!

Hi all! Today we're back for day 8 of the challenge and What I'm Loving Wednesday! For this post, please just share anything that you're currently loving!

❤ Southwest Airlines
If it were up to me, I'd never fly any other airlines. Ticket prices are reasonable and you get to check two bags with the purchase of a ticket. They have super great customer service - last week when I left Chicago to go to Calfornia, I was through baggage check in 10 minutes. Also, in Chicago, they fly out of Midway, which is smaller and I know it like the back of my hand. Highly recommend this fabulous airlines!

❤ wineries with friends
My California girlfriends live super close to a strip of like 40 wineries. We went to this one - Wilson, I think? Delicious sparkling wines! The grounds outside were beautiful and the company was the best!

❤ this
Found on Twitter or Instagram. Does your school have a twitter hashtag? Imagine the possibilities!

❤ Bernie Sanders
He's running against Hillary in the primaries. You need more info! I had never heard of him until just a few weeks ago, but he is not owned by big corporation money. The people who back his campaign are middle class folks, like us, and he wants to restore democracy. He's going to win by a grassroots effort, so get on facebook and twitter and start sharing! Here's one more blog post on him, too!

❤ Wahoos Tacos
If you're ever in Calfornia or Vegas, find one and stop. The. Best. Fish Tacos. Ever. and I had a shrimp one last night too - delish!


  1. I'm thinking about getting that positive thing on Twitter going this year. What a fantastic idea!!!
    PS--The winery looks fun!

  2. The Twitter idea is TOTES AMAZEBALLS! :P Let's do it!


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