Sunday, July 5, 2015

remember when

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Good morning friends! Today's post is a remember when! Format it how you want, but here I go with mine!

Dear Dunk,
Remember how we met at community college and then bonded over shopping? I'm so glad that happened, because if it wouldn't have, I would have never had such an awesome fourth with you and your family!

Dear Just Jantz,
Remember how we share an office at work and I get to see you every day? I miss those days (but am also still enjoying summer break!) Also: You looked so pretty in that picture yesterday on fb!

Dear Team Heartless,
Remember when we had the most amazingest team ever teaching middle school? I still think about that time so fondly, and am so happy for a great principal who put us all together!

Dear boyfriend,
Remember how you walked little Aubrey to the car last night, holding her hand and doing math facts with her? So cute. My heart was melting!

Dear Mom and Rob,
Remember how I used to get to see you all the time? I miss those days and I miss your faces! Can't wait till July 31st!

I'm still on vacation, but promise to go through all the posts as soon as I return home! Happy Sunday everyone!

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