Sunday, July 19, 2015

review: Illinois writing project

Hey friends. I'm late today.... Was out all day yesterday and I knew I should have done both Saturday and Sunday's post earlier, but anyways, sorry!

So today's suggested prompt is a review, and I'd like to tell you about the Illinois Writing Project I'm participating in last week and the coming week and a half. Yes, it's a super long PD, but I can tell you this: best PD I've done. I knew it was going to be. I am pretty sure my friend Heather did a Writing Project in Calfornia (she gave me amazing resources from it!) and then my other friend, Tracey in Arizona suggested I find my state's project when I asked her something about hers. So: Google your state and Writing Project, I'm sure you're going to find something! You can also start with National Writing Project!

As I mentioned above, it's two and a half weeks in the summer, plus one day in the spring and another in the fall. The first week of summer is writing workshop - the teacher participants go through the motions of what we would want to do with kids. Some of the things we've done this past week are:

  • Interviewed a colleague and written their class introduction, which will be published to our class book of writing
  • Began sharing short writing pieces that inspire us
  • Created visual representations of the writing process
  • Strategies for Rehearsal: 4 Square brainstorming and guided imagery
  • Written Conversations
  • Went on a Writing Marathon at Cantingy Park
  • Had writing workshop time every day to write whatever we wanted to - can you imagine? It's blissful!
We also have a Heinemann consultant who has brought every awesome book published by Heinemann for us to use like a lending library, and we also can order the books for 30% off and free shipping. I. Want. All. The. Books. But, so far, I'm just getting the third edition of In the Middle (Atwell) and Write Beside Them (Kittle). Interesting how the books I want are middle school aligned - I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up back in the classroom... I really miss kids! Oh, but I think I'm also getting a coaching book, too. So, there you go :-)

Moving on - next week begins our Summer Leadership Institute Sessions. So, our focus will shift from writing more to being leaders with writing in our buildings. We have to do an inquiry project, too, and I'll be sure to share what I'm doing. Ideas are still swimming around, so nothing on that right now. I'm excited to see what's to come, and will report back soon!

The last amazing part of this is that I've been able to spend time with my friend Jennie and made a lot of new friends, including Erika who is super fun, smart and hilarious. So, although it's 2 and a half weeks of waking up early during the end of my summer, it's totally worth it!

Have you attended a Writing Project PD? Please share your experiences!
Get the details for this challenge here!


  1. You were out all day because the game was 13 innings! :) I can relate to your statement: I. want. all. the. books.
    Yes, amen to that. I always want all the books. For me, for kids, classroom library, personal development, and professional development.
    I love writing. I need to attend some writing PD. Well, maybe writing Personal Development, more than professional. :)

  2. I do not really like to teach writing (cuz I have no idea what I'm doing), so, I will look into it for next summer. Plus I will learn from you in the meantime. Hope you have a restful day as you prepare for another awesome week of PD.

  3. It is not the end of the summer yet! You really need to stop saying that!
    I am loving this Illinois Writing Project, too! Very worth getting up early for 12 days in MID-summer!


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