Sunday, July 12, 2015

sunday letters

Get the details for this challenge here!

Hi friends! Today we're getting together for Sunday Letters. So, compose your letter to a person, place, thing, idea....anything!

Dear Summer Vacation,
You are slipping away much, much to quickly. I need to get off my devices and live in the moment, that's sure to slow it down a bit, right?
Vacationing Teach

Dear ASU Alumni Association,
Thank you for being in Chicago. I have some of my best friends here because of you and also, I met H because of the alumni club! 
A grateful Sun Devil

Dear Besties,
So excited that Hektor now knows all six of you! He said to me the other day, "I've finally come full circle!" Makes me happy all my best friends know each other.

Dear Emma,
Thanks for coming this weekend! I'm having so much fun reenacting our memories from years ago, and making new ones. Still need to get sushi and go to the beach. Can't wait!
xo, city cousin

I am officially hooked. This is why I need more days of summer for doing nothing - Need to watch seasons 2 and 3!
Sincerely, Couch Potato

Dear Zen Yoga Garage,
I loved trying out your studio yesterday, but the hot yoga was so so hot. I'm either way out of practice or the room is hotter than what I'm used to. Either way, feels good to get the stretching and sweating on.
Feeling Zen,
Relaxed Teach

Dear TpT Conference,
I had serious FOMO the last few days....totally wish I was able to attend. Next year, I need to put the dates on my calendar so I don't have this double scheduling that I had this year. Can't wait to see all the blogging friends out there. And for now, can't wait to read blogs of everyone who attended!
BigTime Blogger


  1. I love this idea, Michelle! Thanks for the inspiration!
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. I am definitely ready for some couch potato days! Haven't started that show, but maybe it is time...

  3. I have no idea what OITNB is, but I have had plenty of couch potato days! They are wonderful!


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